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Harondred / May 15, 2013
Since many questions are asked what parts of kinship communications are RP related, here are few clarifications and guides.

Kinship Channel - is just chat between members of kin, user level so OOC is natural. If any of the members wishes he may speak and act IC while on kinship channel but in my oppinion it is bit weird :P

Kinship Officer Channel - OOC, but generaly only kin related topics should be discussed

Fellowship Channel - up to fellowship, yet again i would opt for it to be OOC, but related to any matters important for fellowship.

Say - this is RP server, so IC only (for non RP characters it is better to use any other form of communication rather than say)
Gallethril / Sep 06, 2011
1. Respect.
Respect all players, kinship and non-kinship alike. Anything you do should be done with respect, for your kinship members, fellowship members, and all the other players in the game. If you are doing something you wouldn't like done to you, then 9 out of 10 times it's probably not something other people would like you doing to them.

No abusing accusing and/or threatening members, or any other players on the server. This gives the kinship, and yourself, a very bad name. While some kinships don't care what their members do, we do. Remember, you're not only here to play a GAME, but you're also representing the kinship in all that you do.

If someone has been involved in an incident all members involved are requested to speak to Officers/Leaders. In this case all will be investigated and the appropriate actions can be taken. News travels fast.. especially BAD news.

2. Basic rules in Instances and on General Chat.
Avoid yelling or swearing in a disturbing matter - report incorrect behavior.
Do NOT attend an Instance if you are not sure you can finish the run or if you have to continually go afk. This causes delays and the group loses (time which could be spent getting XP elsewhere).
Also, if you DO have to go AFK, please be sure to let someone know.. not just walk away.

3. Attitude.
Bad mouthing ANY member or the kinship itself in kinship chat, any chat or on the boards is forbidden.
* If you have a complaint, take it first to that player and if you feel it is serious enough, take it to the officers/leaders.
* All Members are expected to treat their fellow kinship Members with respect and dignity at all times.
* No harassing, belittling, stalking or any other behavior that disrupts the guilds continuity will be allowed.
* Petty arguments and disagreements will not be tolerated.

4. Language
Bad language is not encouraged although understood at certain times. Some of us have kids and some of them can read. Plus, just because your kids are in bed doesn't mean ours are. The game is Global, that means that there are 24 different timezones.
* NEVER in area chat, shout or other channels.
* Avoided in kinship chat as much as possible.
* Includes acronyms that mask bad language.

5. No heavy trade in the kinship/ to kinship members.
Try to avoid selling items to fellow kinship members, if at all possible, giving is much nicer (Unless it is a legendary item you paid for, or a TT Mat you farmed for yourself, etc...) Charge fair prices, do NOT rip a guildie off.

6. Treatment of others.
Treat the game, kinship members and any other players exactly how you also like to be treated. (What you give is what you get.)

7. Kill/Mine Stealing is not permitted.
Blatant and/or continuous kill stealing is not permitted. The occasional, "Oops, my bad." is understandable. But outright shadowing someone and sniping all the things that they are after is not.

8. Cooperation between everyone in the kinship is expected.

9. Discrimination and causing Offense.
Discussions that may discriminate or cause offense on the grounds of sex, disability, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs will not be tolerated. Anything that you say that may cause offense may lead to you being removed from the kinship and possibly face a permanent ban not only from the kinship but also the Game. Please be careful what you write!

10. Switching kinships.
We realize that people's goals and ideals change over time. If at any time, you find another kinship that more suitable to you, we extend our blessings to you with no ill will. Please notify the guild, especially the officers of your intention to seek a new family, and you will be given honor and best wishes on your continuing journey.

11. New Members.
All people are welcome to out faction. Before inviting anyone make sure you have had a little chat with the person so that we more or less make sure they aren't the bad one's.

12. Looking for handouts.
Begging for free items or power leveling is forbidden both within the kinship and without. If you need assistance in obtaining class armor or an item that you desire put in a request with an Officer. There is nothing more annoying in the game it seems than people asking for money.

13. Drop stealing.
Ninja Looting (picking up items that are there because someone has died, or because they are fighting something else that attacked them before they could pick it up) any item for any reason will not be tolerated. If the pick up timer has expired on an item or coin while you're out doing quests or grinding, this is a whole different thing.

14. Activity/Inactivity.
You must remain active in game and/or on website. If you are inactive, and you haven't mentioned why (in writing on the forums, or via email), you will be removed from the kinship. At the time you become active you are welcome back in and put back to full member.

15. Bragging
So, you can kill a boss solo? That means, if someone else needs that boss, you SHOULD be able to help. Don't say that you can do it then ask for help with it yourself. Same goes for quests.

i.e. "Oh, I play with those mobs all the time...".. (followed by) "you could help me kill them if you don't mind"

16. Crafting.
If you have a crafting skill of any kind please be sure to help others out when they needs things crafted. This does not mean that you are required to "give up" your hard earned mats for someone else, but if you have the skill and they have the mats and the need, do the right thing.

Also, if you need mats for something, ask, a lot of times, someone else in the faction may have the mats you need at the time you need them.. this doesn't mean it's a gift, nor does it mean you should buy them, but say you need 5 mats "right now", if someone has them, "borrow" them, and at a later time (don't drag it out for weeks), repay them the mats you borrowed.

17. Kinship-chat.
Our kinship-chat is OOC. Of course a little RP in there every now and then is no issue but mainly our chat will be OOC.

18. RP-events.
During RP-events it is expected of you to follow the rules of the RP-guide on the forum. When it occurs that someone doesn't this person will get warned and possibly banned from the kinship.
Of course learning how to RP will be taken in consideration!

19. Promotions.
When you Apply to kinship and have been accepted on it by the officers or the leader. You will be recruited into kinship.

There are two ways to achieve promotion:
  • Participate in RP events actively - This will grant you a kinsman/kinswoman rank within two weeks.
  • Be a member for more than three weeks.

If you want to become an officer make sure to send the leader a private message in the forum stating why you would want to become an officer and what you can do for the kinship. After that the leader will come back to you with an answer.

**More rules may be added from time to time it is up to you to keep informed of the Guild Rules as ignorance is not an acceptable excuse for breaking a rule**