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Fire oils and bow chants

Hi all,Thank you for listening.Basically I have a question. I am a returning player, and I have never used oils or bow chants, but am starting to as I need the extra dps etc.Can I use bow chants and fire or light oils at the same time and do they ...
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Estellia111384Member avatar small Estellia 4y

Vocation for a Hunter

After reading the last post about bow chants, and oils. it came to my mind, if it's better for a hunter, to choose the Historian vocation, above the woodsman? Do any of you have any experience, with playing as a hunter, while having the Historian ...
Small Edoner 4y
Edoner4258Small Harondred 4y

Skirmish soldier

Which skirmish soldier do you think is best for a hunter? and what's your favourite set up?I've got a protector. I find him okay if there's more than one foe. If there's one enemy he can't hold aggro, but with multiples he can take a few on and ab...
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