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Hail, my fellow kins!

Click on photos to enlarge, couldn't find a better workaround to deal with these huge images.

Every day, each rider fights the evil alone. Some riders, group up - but their force is not big enough to put down the black flame that comes from Mordor. Evil had to pay a price for crimes it has commited.

It was the day, when many fellow and courageous volunteers gathered to stand united under the banner of Riders of Middle Earth, to fight for glory, for honour and for justice!

Brave Riders have gathered in the kinship house. They started by making plans, discussing next moves and tactics, gathering informations that would help their noble cause.

They followed the trail of agreement, united - they went to Lone Lands in order to seek enemy camps and destroy them.
Their forces were stopped by sudden disappearance of one member, they followed the footsteps which finally led them to goblin and orc camps where battles have begun. Combat was intense, but unorganised goblins and orcs couldn't stand against solid troops that carried a crimson banner which symbolizes freedom through bloodshed.

Yet, strange events occured, some people drifted away into depths of insanity, making the quest even more difficult than it was before. But as you can see, brave hearts wouldn't leave anyone behind. Yet, there was no time to lose.

Exhausted by strained situations, they still had to retake the Weathertop from filthy creatures. The time was running out quickly, while the sun was giving the sky on horizon a beautiful, red tint.
Reaching the summit always has a sweet taste of victory.

Everyone enjoyed this adventure, many unexpected events occured during their journey, yet - everyone came back alive with memories and stories worth telling.

Thanks to everyone who came, it was a great event - I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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That looks great! Too bad I had to miss it :( Stupid back ache!!!
#7262078 Jan 21, 2013 at 11:09 PM
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awww man! I can't believe I missed this! Looks well fun.
#7262239 Jan 21, 2013 at 11:45 PM
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Well, we are thinking on making it more frequent. Riding together is great fun, and story developes itself with every new idea.
Harondred Strongshield
#7266703 Jan 22, 2013 at 10:23 PM
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What a great story, report and pictures. Is as awesome as the actual event. Probably even more so. :)
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