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Riders of Middle Earth

As Gallethril always loved riding and exploring new area’s she decided to leave her home lands. Although she did not grow up in Lorien, due to the loss of her parents she still loved the golden woods and the peace that she got from it.

As she made her way to Rivendell with an instrument on her back she saw things she would have never imagined. There were new creatures that seemed to have woken up from the dark. It seemed to her that it was not safe to travel alone any longer. So she met others that were heading for the same destination as she was. As they traveled together on their journey to Rivendell the dangers seemed to be accruing more and more often… Many a time they had to run through places as fast as their steeds could carry them.

As they finally found the path to Rivendell (which was hidden well between bushes and trees) they greeted the guards. They walked down the windy path that looked over Rivendell. As Gallethril looked over Rivendell and its beautiful waterfalls her companions decided to split up. Gallethril walked to the stables alone feeling a bit uneasy about the adventure she just had. It had been a long time since she had seen Orcs and other dark creatures. When she arrived at the stables she greeted the stable-master politely and gave him the reins of her horse. She patted her steed on the neck one last time before she made her way to the Last Homely House. It was evening when she arrived there and decided to stay and make use of the guest room. As she unpacked some of her stuff there she made her way to bed.

The next morning when she walked around in Rivendell once more, she decided it was time that something must be done about these creatures that roam the lands and threaten the people. She decided that if something must be done it should be done by all races… by elves, men, hobbits and even dwarves. All should join but one banner for together they should be strong enough to help those people that were in dire need. She decided it was time to make a new banner… she looked at the waters as she thought about a name… it must be something that would stand out… she threw a rock in the water when the name suddenly came to her. The banner would be called the Riders of Middle Earth! and so that was their name from that day forth.
She decided it was time to make uniforms so that people could recognize them when they would ride through the lands of Middle Earth. For this she went to see a tailor, the tailor had many ideas but Gallethril thought it would be best to keep the uniform durable and not too fancy. Making payment she left the tailor with the task to make enough uniforms for any member that would join her new banner.

She continued the travel the next morning, as her plan was to go to Bree.
There would be many people in Bree and of all races as well. While she came to think of it, it would be good idea to buy a house there as well. So the people that would join her banner could rest and have a place to come “home” to. She would also store her uniforms there as it would be the home of all of the people that would join her.

She decided that she should run most of the way as there were many creatures and wildlife in the Trollshaws and Lone-Lands. Gallethril was well stocked with food and uniforms as she rode through the forests staying to the pathways most of the time. She wasn’t very skilled at reading any maps and she didn’t want to get lost while she was planning something that could help others. There seemed to be no trouble on her journey and she arrived quickly in the Bree-lands. When she got there she decided to first search for a home that would be large enough for her plan and so that she could store the uniforms before proceeding into Bree. She found a house near a waterfall that made her think of Rivendell but also of the golden woods. It seemed to make anything look more peaceful.

She decided to stay the night there and start looking for people to join her new banner in the morning. She was only a few miles away from Bree itself.

Gallethril went to sleep peacefully dreaming of her idea and hoping for the best.
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