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Riders of Middle Earth RP events

[Pinned] [RP Event] Recruits of the Riders, take note!

(( OOC: This event is not a requirement to become a kinsman, it is simply an option for the roleplaying members of the kinship. Even if you are and have been a kinsman for awhile, you can choose to participate in this event as it will allow you to...
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Weekly writing challenge!

[Pinned] Literary Challenge #4: Family Matters (DISCUSSION THREAD)

As always this is where we discuss our respective stories.I realize I haven't posted my story for the last challenge yet, but have no fear! I've picked 'Family Matters' because for Lanaei the previous challenge and this one are sequential and clos...
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Weekly writing challenge!

[Pinned] Literary Challenge #4: Family Matters (STORY THREAD)

This biweekly challenge involves family, if you have alts or a family that is 'non-player' (aka exists in 'some part of middle-earth') that you'd like to talk about: go ahead!!Alternatively you can write about an important moment concerning family...
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[Pinned] Make the Banner of 2013!

Dear members,I think it is time we will make some new banners and see if we can replace the old one. We have had this one for a while and with the new year (2013) already upon us I thought it could be a nice idea to see if we have some new creativ...
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Weekly writing challenge!

[Pinned] RULES! (Best read this first)

The Literary Challenge is a way for the more creative among us to express themselves beyond RP in the game. Ever wanted to tell the story about how you fought off 30 Balrogs and a horde of Fellbeasts but never found the right moment in the Prancin...
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Riders of Middle Earth story line

New Home, New Beginning!

Riders,We left out trusted home at bree-lands and moved to new one at fare away Cape of Belfalas.New House is Bigger and close to see shore, that should help Riders relax and gather strenght,to carry beacon of hope to Free People. It also gives us...
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Warden Gambit Help

Hey GuysI realize that alot of the new Warden players find it difficult remembering ALL the different Gambits and what effects they have on either yourself or your enemy. I stumbled upon this really insightful site that also has what i think is a ...
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Riders of Middle Earth events

Kin Skirmishes & Instances

Hey Kin!I've been running daily skirmishes & instances specifically building a team from kindred or least mostly, so just putting this out there to publicise it a little more! I firmly believe tha...
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Riders of Middle Earth RP events

RP discussion and ideas

In general, we have developed a story line, or even few story lines to follow. I will, if others help me, try to recall all of them but it will take some time. So far main story line is search for Claywick, who has gone missing when infiltrating b...
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Riders of Middle Earth RP events

Kinship Ride Together story thread started 2013-11-03 (Black Rider)

Hail Riders,Brave but not numerous company of Riders, went to the boarder of Lone Lands and Trollshaws to investigate issue of Black Rider chasing one of our kin. Upon arrival we have managed to find lone camp in Trollshaws where rumours of passin...
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Riders of Middle Earth events

Fishing Club

This is designed to be a social/RP event, with a bit of friendly competition. All kinnies are invited to join in, no entry fees although donations of prizes welcome (these should be fun items, nothing too over-levelled or race/class specific). The...
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Riders of Middle Earth events

The Harnkegger Games

Brief Summary of Events27th August:The Harnkegger Race - mounted race, short courseThe Broken Bone Race - mounted race, long courseFishing Contest28th AugustMusic Event (Song Competition)Foot Race (Cross Country)29th AugustSparring TournamentSwimm...
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Riders of Middle Earth events

Teaming up to complete deeds?

So I've looking in dismay at all the dozens of Slayer Deeds I have yet to complete. I'm going to have to kill thousands of mobs, which would be hours and hours of grinding. I've skipped entire regions out of boredom, intending to go back at a high...
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Riders of Middle Earth events

Riders Social Events

first big social event will be a party, i want to invite members of spanish kin, who invited meat their party. I need ideas of social activities to perform, help with organisation of such party, decorations, gadgets (fireworks etc), and most of a...
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For Rita :D
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No Game Of Thrones this week

I had withdrawals, poked around and found this that made me feel much better:
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Isn't she looooovely... isn't she..wooooonderful? hahUh oh..she must have a date..she's put her best dress on:
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promos and other stuff

Alan Wake promo
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Movies and tv-series

for fun, I think we should have a conversation about what movies and TV series. Tv-series on air now, i m watching Game of Thrones ! amazing universe, and i just love the land of Westeros so much!any one else watching game of thrones?
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Font size problem for Bluebonette

Your text to link here...Probably normal lol but it was different before, the menu was much larger and the res was the same, 1920x1080, thanks.Estellia
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