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Ride Together

TS3 server and FB Profile
Facebook Fanpage of the kinship check it out

New TS3 server is up and running. Link with server details is in news section.
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Our home.

This is our NEW Kinship house! Our home where any one can come and rest!

Riders of Middle Earth

A story based on how the Riders of Middle Earth was found (part 1).

We Ride

Our weekly small RP events
Riders of Middle Earth
Welcome to the website of the Riders of Middle Earth.

To the forefront of battle you will see our banner with dwarf, man, hobbit and elf as kindred riding to the forces of darkness! Together we march for the free peoples! Charging towards our destinies with unshakable resolve.
We ride united on swift steeds to the aid of those in dire need. Together we will bring the light of hope back to Middle Earth. For we are the riders of truth, valour and justice!
We are the Riders of Middle Earth!

Kinship information:
Name: Riders of Middle Earth
Server: Laurelin (EN-RP)
Nationality: All
Language: English

What can the Riders of Middle Earth provide you?
1. Friendly community
2. Regular RP-events
3. Structure
4. Website
5. End-game content (in near future)