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[Pinned] Make the Banner of 2013!

Dear members,I think it is time we will make some new banners and see if we can replace the old one. We have had this one for a while and with the new year (2013) already upon us I thought it could be a nice idea to see if we have some new creativ...
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For Rita :D
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No Game Of Thrones this week

I had withdrawals, poked around and found this that made me feel much better:
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Isn't she looooovely... isn't she..wooooonderful? hahUh oh..she must have a date..she's put her best dress on:
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promos and other stuff

Alan Wake promo
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Movies and tv-series

for fun, I think we should have a conversation about what movies and TV series. Tv-series on air now, i m watching Game of Thrones ! amazing universe, and i just love the land of Westeros so much!any one else watching game of thrones?
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Font size problem for Bluebonette

Your text to link here...Probably normal lol but it was different before, the menu was much larger and the res was the same, 1920x1080, thanks.Estellia
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Hey all, I was just wondering who of you all had a house or not and where it is located :)Mine is:1 Waterbank RoadCair Ecthel Falathlorn homesteads
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Kitten pic for Estellia

Maggie loving up on the new rescue kitten, Berta:
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Has anyone else ever had this level of frustration - worked hard all week, with little-to-no free time, only to try and log onto LOTRO, to find that the servers are down for maintenance?My level of frustration cannot be easily conveyed... I know t...
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Lotr meme's and alike.

Sometimes these oldies surprise me all over again and just need to be shared once more.(This one is for Aegarathir)
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Pumpkin Head thread

Some of you may be carving pumpkin heads for halloween, i thought it would be cool to see what people have done.I've not carved mine yet, but here's what i did three years ago....Same pumpkin, in the darkTwo years agoLast years pumpkin
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rohan pics

Harwickthe War SteedI like these big tapestriesspot the person that isn't a rohan townsfolk
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The making of Rohan's music

Just watch it, its worth it ^^
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Poll Forum Banner

Hello all hereby I would like to put up a poll for our next forum banner. People can choose which one will be used!Alasrond was added later but for those who vote him please reply to the post :)Good luck!Anwarel:Caergalin:Gwarien:Virsitaris:Alasrond:
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Board games

I've been playing a lot of boardgames over the past 6 months. There's a group of us that meet up once or twice a month to have a board game (max of 9, usually around 5 or 6) Does anyone else play boardgames? If so, have you got any recommended gam...
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Forum Banner

A call to all of those who are so creative with making banners! Here is your chance!What chance you might wonder? Well... a chance to design a new forum banner!But what if there are more people that uploaded a banner you say? Not to worry we can m...
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ABC files

Figured I'd make a thread for sharing some of the abc files for lesser used (yet still good) songs people may come across. Personally I like this artist: the fat lute pag...
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LOTRO video

I came across this today....nicely done and worth a giggle
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