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Riders of Middle Earth events

Kin Skirmishes & Instances

Hey Kin!I've been running daily skirmishes & instances specifically building a team from kindred or least mostly, so just putting this out there to publicise it a little more! I firmly believe tha...
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Proteon62095Small Harondred 3y
Riders of Middle Earth events

Fishing Club

This is designed to be a social/RP event, with a bit of friendly competition. All kinnies are invited to join in, no entry fees although donations of prizes welcome (these should be fun items, nothing too over-levelled or race/class specific). The...
Small Jeranna Blackthorn 4y
Jeranna Blackthorn132540Small Jeranna Blackthorn 4y
Riders of Middle Earth events

The Harnkegger Games

Brief Summary of Events27th August:The Harnkegger Race - mounted race, short courseThe Broken Bone Race - mounted race, long courseFishing Contest28th AugustMusic Event (Song Competition)Foot Race (Cross Country)29th AugustSparring TournamentSwimm...
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Jeranna Blackthorn1293Small Jeranna Blackthorn 4y
Riders of Middle Earth events

Teaming up to complete deeds?

So I've looking in dismay at all the dozens of Slayer Deeds I have yet to complete. I'm going to have to kill thousands of mobs, which would be hours and hours of grinding. I've skipped entire regions out of boredom, intending to go back at a high...
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Aethelswitha2396Small Harondred 4y
Riders of Middle Earth events

Riders Social Events

first big social event will be a party, i want to invite members of spanish kin, who invited meat their party. I need ideas of social activities to perform, help with organisation of such party, decorations, gadgets (fireworks etc), and most of a...
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Harondred111749Small Jeranna Blackthorn 4y
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